Monday, July 09, 2007

Just over a month to go!

Man oh man ... 41 days to go until the big day!!!

OK .. so things done in the last few weeks:

1. Vows and ceremony structure written and sent to celebrant - waiting on him to review and go over with us

2. Melinda has purchased material (finally!!) for her dress and has started to make it. Sarah's dress has been measured and she has started the alterations for that as well.

3. Order of Service books drafted ... few minor touch ups then need to print.

Things still to do:

1. Choose music for ceremony
2. print out OOS booklets
3. Buy material for aisle on the beach
4. Work out what is happening with the rings!!
5. Not panic

Yes I'm starting to mildly panic ... not overly, but just keep thinking of little things that I need (like do I need to buy a pretty knife to cut the cake???!!!). Who knows these things!!

The wedding co-ordinator on Daydream Island is pretty hard to get hold of so am getting a bit worried about that as well.

Anywya .. deep breaths. it will all be fine

Visited Dad the other day and popped in to say hi to my dress. God I love it :-)))

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