Monday, May 07, 2007

So let's start....

OK, so I've got a blog for the building of our beautiful house ... for my efforts to lose weight ... so I figured that I may as well go the whole hog and do a blog for the upcoming nuptials between John and I.

I'll take you back a step to get you up to speed on events so far.

1. 5 October 2006 ... John pops the question at Songbirds Restaurant, Mt Tambourine on the Gold Coast. Yes there were tears.

2. Date set ... 19 August 2007.

3. Location chosen - Whitehaven Beach (Ceremony) & Daydream Island (Reception)

4. Decision made to keep it small with only parents and a best friend each. Fallout from sisters will be huge but, bad luck.

5. Min chosen as Bridesmaid, Sarah as junior Bridesmaid and Neil as Best Man.

That's basically it in a nutshell. It is now early May and a lot of things have been done:

1. Celebrant booked
2. Photographer booked
3. Florist & hairdresser booked
4. Flights booked and paid for
5. Honeymoon booked and paid for (2 weeks sailing around Whitsundays on a Bavaria 39)
6. Found Sarah's dress .. bought and paid for
7. Found my wedding dress ... most of it paid for, picking up soon
8. Sea Plane booked (bridal party landing at Whitehaven Beach via Sea Plane)

I'm starting to panic ever so slightly that it's not going to go as planned, but I figure that as long as we have a good time, that's all that counts.

Theme colour for bridesmaids is blue - Min wanted an aqua blue but we couldn't find a dress for Sarah in the colour she wanted so it's kind of a baby blue colour. I'm not really hung up on the idea of Sarah & Min having to have the same style or colour of dress so if she is a little different to Sarah, so be it.

It is definitely a very bad idea to marry and build a house in the same year but, I guess we are getting it all out of the way in 2007. I keep thinking that with the money we are spending on the wedding we could do everything around the house that needs doing but then I also think that I'm getting married for the first and only time so dam it, I'm going to spend our hard earned cash and enjoy it!!

John is definitely looking forward to the sailing more than the wedding but that's to be expected I guess.

So that's it so far really ... as things happen I'll update this blog for anybody that cares.