Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Freak me out ... 3 weeks to go ....

until we board the plane for the Whitsundays!!!

Have decided not to print Order of Service books so that's one less thing I need to worry about.

So ... left to do:

1. Purchase shoes for me and Sarah
2. Purchase jewellery
3. Purchase white material for aisle
4. Finalise music for ceremony

That's it!!! Can you believe it??? i certainly can't. Getting REALLY excited now.

Picked up my dress from dad's on the weekend and have looked at it every day - I'm such a dork. Actually tried it on yesterday and while I haven't lost a stack of weight, it certainly sits a lot more comfortable than it was. The dress maker shouldn't have too much of a difficult job as it's just around the boobs that it needs adjusting - taken in can you believe!!!!!

Darren is coming now (which is great) so we have the family and the couple of friends that we wanted. Only person that is missing who we would have loved to be there is Tracey but given her state of pregnancy, we can sure understand why she can't fly!!!

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